Saturday, September 20, 2008


Did anyone see that study they came out with this summer that looking at your smiling baby is much like getting a high from cocaine? The smile activates the same pleasure receptors in the brain as one would get from recreational drugs. What?!

No wonder its hard for moms to send their babies to school in the fall.

I cant believe Sam is in kindergarten. Just as weird is the fact that I have a second grader. While they are enjoying school, I'm left home to wonder....where does the time go? What happened to my little baby boys?

It doesn't help that I signed Luke up for preschool. I have always done a neighborhood preschool where we trade teaching days, but this year I dropped him off with his backpack to a roomful of other little three year olds. Its just 2 hours twice a week, and I only did it to force myself to exercise (the preschool is at our rec center) but its hard to be away from all my kids. Apparently because Im addicted.

Heading down to Maceys yesterday for the case lot sale, I turned my rear view mirror so I could see Luke behind me. He was falling asleep, and at the same time picking his nose. Both nostrils.
Has to be better than crack doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

really needing my laptop

Your right Jennie, I do need a new post. My laptop broke and so Ive only had the internet for a few short minutes a day. I am sorry I left on a sorry note for such a long time.

We are doing well here, and I will post as soon as I get my laptop back. Things are looking up all the time, and the weather has been awesome in Utah which always helps.