Friday, December 26, 2008

ginger's first christmas

Our Christmas has been lovely. The snow won't quite dumping, making Christmas seem so real and right here. The world really does seem calm and bright wrapped in a fluffy white blanket.

Ginger loves the snow, but we do not appreciate the boots she drags in.

After all the presents were opened and played with, and the Christmas party was over, Sam said, "I wish it went: Saturday. Sunday, Christmas,.....Saturday, Sunday, Christmas..."

Sunday, December 7, 2008

things just work out after all

Things have been good lately.

One year ago I was saying to myself "one year ago I was so happy, so healthy, so busy....etc." I couldn't believe how different things were. Heck, last fall I had a disgusting tube sticking out of my leg draining disgusting fluid-I think for six weeks. So gross! And then a month of a tube in my arm. No baths. Even grosser!

Now I'm saying, "one year ago I was so depressed, so sick, there was nothing but hospital visits on my calendar...etc." I cant believe how different things are today.

I am in a way better place.

I went back to the hospital last month for a routine exam. I think I would have been fine if it wasn't snowing. That's what it did I swear every day I traveled to Salt Lake last December. It played tricks on my mind that I was about to get sick and tired. I pretty much had a panic attack while in the waiting room, and came home and slept all afternoon. Just like last year.

My Dr. said to take 2 ativan when I come in for my next scheduled scans in February. Thank you, I think I will.

So here is a small video I made for my family film festival. I did it in a rush and couldn't find a lot of my footage from the year (like Luke's 3rd birthday where he was incredibly adorable), but anyway this songs always tops the most played on my ipod. LOVE it!