Monday, April 27, 2009


Daily life continues. There is the chronic pile of laundry, the usual stack of dishes (the same dishes really), and the floor to be constantly swept, but occasionally (especially this time of year) is the element of surprise to keep things new.

As if the tulips and daffodils aren't enough...

I was weeding my front flower beds and gave out a cry of excitement (which James found very inappropriate) when I found my peony plant had not been lost to Winter (as I was sure she had-the delphinium and daisies next to her have had great green leaves for a month now). Joy!

The weather cant make up its mind; Rainy and cold, then sunny and warm. But the spring beauty remains constant.

On one of the warm nights we went over to Highland to an Elementary School for an orientation meeting for James' new 'learning lab' or third grade class he's in (by the way, according to his scores, he may very well have only missed three or so on his marathon test). I watched him in the classroom. Multiplication charts, reference books, science projects: James in his element.

We lingered after at the playground. People, unstructured physical play, and monkey bars: Sam in his element

There was a soccer ball on the field. Open fields, a ball of any sort, and a goal to reach: Luke in his element.

I was pumping on the swings. Surrounded by my kids, snow frosted mountains, and a quiet pink sunset: Me in my element.

And where was Josh? At a concealed weapons permit class. Huh?

Where, and with what, are you in your element?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

paris pictures

Finally getting some pictures up from the trip.

I wish I could brag about my photography skills here, but these are really nothing special. I was just a little awestruck. You will see why....

Paris 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

merci emilie

Maybe as fascinating as the city was to me, was my cousin Emilie. Ive been sitting here looking for adjectives to describe her. I cant quite find them. Here she wears orange heels, later she will change into red converse sneakers and look just as fabulous.

Full of fun, intelligent conversation.

She talks to random people, like this man by the Pomidou who painted Obama in 7 minutes, upside down, from memory.

She pops her collar. LOVE.

She notices all the little, random things in the city. She reads all the signs in the subway and takes pictures of advertisements of events she may want to attend.

My camera did not do her justice, but isnt she beautiful?
We mostly got around the city on the Velib' bikes, which are for commuters. She knows the streets well, and was the perfect guide

Got her masters at Cambridge, and now teaches at a University in Paris. We loved learning about France from her.

We stayed in her adorable apartment all week. She stands here, on the street where she lives.

She consults her well worn map.

If you want to read a fun blog,

Emilie and Xavier, her French husband. Super cute.

She kept reminding me of her mom, aunt Rosie, which is the highest compliment anyone can be paid. Love you Emilie, and thanks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

april in paris

If I had to sum up my trip in one word, I guess it would be inspiring. I came home with some serious resolutions including...

try some bulbs in my grass

Mix the old with the new

Bake some bread

Pull out my oil paints

Convert to Catholicism based solely on this Notre Dam gargoyle overlooking the city

Paint my front door blue

Pop my collars

Plant my window box

Remember this sunny day on rainy ones

Change my facebook profile picture

Attempt rolled fondant

See the world.

Well, I have a lot to do. Ill get more pictures and details soon.