Monday, April 27, 2009


Daily life continues. There is the chronic pile of laundry, the usual stack of dishes (the same dishes really), and the floor to be constantly swept, but occasionally (especially this time of year) is the element of surprise to keep things new.

As if the tulips and daffodils aren't enough...

I was weeding my front flower beds and gave out a cry of excitement (which James found very inappropriate) when I found my peony plant had not been lost to Winter (as I was sure she had-the delphinium and daisies next to her have had great green leaves for a month now). Joy!

The weather cant make up its mind; Rainy and cold, then sunny and warm. But the spring beauty remains constant.

On one of the warm nights we went over to Highland to an Elementary School for an orientation meeting for James' new 'learning lab' or third grade class he's in (by the way, according to his scores, he may very well have only missed three or so on his marathon test). I watched him in the classroom. Multiplication charts, reference books, science projects: James in his element.

We lingered after at the playground. People, unstructured physical play, and monkey bars: Sam in his element

There was a soccer ball on the field. Open fields, a ball of any sort, and a goal to reach: Luke in his element.

I was pumping on the swings. Surrounded by my kids, snow frosted mountains, and a quiet pink sunset: Me in my element.

And where was Josh? At a concealed weapons permit class. Huh?

Where, and with what, are you in your element?


Karlet said...

So poetic, Alisa.

Josh said...

one of my favorite posts. I am sad I missed the moment.

mamabear said...

In the garden............. Looking like I am working but in actuality dreaming.

Bryanna said...

It's gotta be on a run.

kathyurry said...

I Love this post it was great, I think it was the best ever.
Keep these up and you will write a book and we all will sit back and say we knew her when!
Love ya

Jill said...

This made me think hard. I'm not sure exactly when I'm in my element. I'm still thinking about it. It might be in large groups of people that I love. Like at family reunions or the like. Or maybe just hanging out with Mike. Still deciding.

Very nice post Alisa.

Sonja said...

Herding four kids around the library.

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

that was beautiful Alisa, you are just beautiful!
definitely I am in my element in the gym, sweating and in pain! I LOVE it. More than anything I LOVE yoga, meditating and stretching, that is definitely my element.

ronco said...

I'm in my element with the wind rushing by me as I'm blowing past roadies with their ridiculous jerseys and bikes that weigh less than my backpack. Granted, I'll bet they're riding a lot further than I, but it's still a lot of fun to make them look silly.

(P.S. About roadies, individually I love them all with love unspeakable. It's the idea you need to spend $3,000-10,000 on cycling that I like to poke fun at.)

Chapman Family said...

Going here and there and here and there and here ... (I'm so not a home body.)