Friday, April 10, 2009

merci emilie

Maybe as fascinating as the city was to me, was my cousin Emilie. Ive been sitting here looking for adjectives to describe her. I cant quite find them. Here she wears orange heels, later she will change into red converse sneakers and look just as fabulous.

Full of fun, intelligent conversation.

She talks to random people, like this man by the Pomidou who painted Obama in 7 minutes, upside down, from memory.

She pops her collar. LOVE.

She notices all the little, random things in the city. She reads all the signs in the subway and takes pictures of advertisements of events she may want to attend.

My camera did not do her justice, but isnt she beautiful?
We mostly got around the city on the Velib' bikes, which are for commuters. She knows the streets well, and was the perfect guide

Got her masters at Cambridge, and now teaches at a University in Paris. We loved learning about France from her.

We stayed in her adorable apartment all week. She stands here, on the street where she lives.

She consults her well worn map.

If you want to read a fun blog,

Emilie and Xavier, her French husband. Super cute.

She kept reminding me of her mom, aunt Rosie, which is the highest compliment anyone can be paid. Love you Emilie, and thanks!


alisa said...

Also, does anyone know the best way to upload and share a lot of pictures? Like an album on picasa? Would that be the best?

mamabear said...

Daija does.

Amy said...

I love all the pictures. Emilie sounds like the perfect hostess.

ronco said...

I really miss Emilie. She's one of my favorite people on the planet. You started: fun, intelligent, beautiful, fabulous. I would add engaging and spontaneous. Emilie is like a box of chocolates and I love them all.

Sonja said...

I like to use an album on Picasa. You can imbed your album as a slideshow on your blog, or just a link.

What fun to hang out with Emilie. She is an impressive girl!

AnneMarie said...

Emilie is the bomb. So are you.

Jill said...

Yes, Emilie is a one of kind person. Aren't we lucky she's our cousin! She made the trip possible and so fabulous. It would have been a completely different trip without her.

Many people keep asking me what my favorite part of the trip was and I have to say, in all honesty, that may favorite part was just being with you and Emilie.

I can't believe how much Emilie looks like Rosie in that last picture! In fact, she kept conjuring her mother all week. It was amazing!

Merci de moi egalement Emilie!
L'; amour de ll vous toujour!

Emilie said...

THANKS Alisa. These photos are the bomb. You make me want to know that girl too, hee hee:). I'm honored to have such a post! And even more, it was really such an honor to have you and Jill...what fun we had! I LOVE YOU.

Mels said...

I love the pictures of Paris, and you, Jill and Em, looks like you had so much fun! love you

jennie said...

Can I be her? I want all her clothes, her funky style, and my husband kissing my neck in front of the Eifel tower. Was that TMI?