Saturday, October 25, 2008

what hurts the most, is being so close...,

Just thought I would let everyone know I'm doing fine. Life is treating me very well.

I am just the right amount of busy to have time to exercise, make my family dinner, take a bath at night, and read books recommended by my sister (who has 4 kids 6 and under and still makes time to read).

I don't feel like I have all the energy I had a year ago, but I'm getting used to the idea I may just never have it. I've actually just been diagnosed with Hashimoto's (sounds worse than it is). This is a very common side effect of interferon, its an autoimmune disease where you attack your own thyroid. I started medication for it this week and hope it helps some of my symptoms.

Lots of people ask about our house, which we took off the market. I am very sad about how it all went down, but basically we had no offers even after lowering the price. The housing market slowed way down, and.....

I guess there will be another old house someday. But I really loved this one. It felt so right. We had a connection. We had chemistry. I was planning my life around it. I had the colors of its 100 year birthday party picked out. I'm so confused-what happened?

Its been a lot like breaking up. All the country songs apply.

Well, I hope my metabolism kicks back up here in a bit and I get around to blogging more. It just seems like at the end of the day (and in the middle of the day, and in the morning) I just want to sleep .