Wednesday, December 12, 2007

alisa cancer linton

I suppose Im in the depths of cancer treatments, and its consuming my life. I'm either at the hospital or asleep in my bed. My mom is here living Alisa Linton's life and I have to be Alisa Cancer Linton.

Alisa Cancer Linton wears glasses and frumpy pants. She hasnt had a decent shower in weeks cause she cant get her arm wet. She asks the Dr. to add a little chemo to her daily infusion so she could get really sick which would make her feel like its helping a little more (he laughs it off and tells her not to feel obligated to get all the side effects). She goes to the hospital at 8 and comes home at noon for a 3-4 hour nap and gets ready for bed at 8. She then sits down to blog and decides she needs to sleep more than she needs to communicate with the outside world, and hopes that tomorrow she wont be so exhausted. But every day is the same, maybe a little worse. Today she thrashed around in her husbands car swearing she felt so sick she was going to die (luckily he knows she always feels like something is going terribly wrong so he did not panic) and she threw up just to prove her point. Part of her hopes this is not a trend. The other part acknowledges that she has only lost .7 pounds in two weeks and thinks this could do the trick. She shops Target in the name of exercise, but crashes before she makes it to the back isle.

Luckily there are a few diversions for her. Last night was our family Christmas party. As we dug out the traditional costumes for the nativity brother Matt found a misplaced skull hat and couldnt resisit being the pirate narrator. Mom made him stop, but only after Alisa Cancer got some big laughs. And come on mom, pirates had to tell the story too.

"In the days of Ceasarrrrrrr thar be people who went to their own towns to be plundarrrrrrrred- I mean taxed."

Luke plays a dirty faced shepard.

James plays a wise man.

Josh and Sam play guys watching.

We also had a ward party this week. James and Sam sat on Santas lap and asked for a Jeep Hurricane (thanks Brother Wilden for telling them you were working on the $300 item). I dont think Sam was completely convinced because he informed me last night with a huge smile on his face, "Mommy!! Tonight I asked Jesus for a Jeep Hurricane!"

I wonder how many years it takes them to figure out presents like that come from a lady named Grandma Vicki.


Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

you are so funny, I love your sense of humor and wit!

All about the Benjamin's said...

Josh and Alisa-
I have been checking your blog everyday since the 8th... I have been wondering how you are doing. I bet since your Mom is there it has allowed you some comfort. I am sorry to hear how you have been feeling, I still cannot believe how upbeat your blogs still are. Your in our thoughts and in our prayers and I hope for a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family with a WONDERFUL New Year. You have given me such admiration and my heart aches for what you and your family are enduring.

Tiffany said...

I remember when I was sick and I had to go downstairs to do some laundry. The thought literally made me cry, it was too hard. Not only would I have to go down, but I would somehow have to come back up. I know that I have absolutely no clue what you are going through, but I do know one thing. This to shall pass.
You are in our prayers.
Love, The Perez family

Lindsay said...

here i am snooping around your blog, yet again! i love the pirate rendition of the Christmas story. it gave me a nice chuckle picturing pirate matt. Merry Christmas! I love you!

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

Alisa Cancer is a wonderful mom and hostess, and just think, you are almost done with the hospital!!!

Leah said...

Alisa, It's so good to have you posting again! I've missed your notes! I'm so glad that your mom is there taking care of you! Please let me know if you need anything!

momila said...

So sorry to hear about the sx's, but not surprised, either. After this firsat month, it should not be so bad. Brent is functioning really well, all things considered, and he is on a daily med too, to keep the Interferon at a therapuetic dose, similar to what you are doing, but not IV.It's unbelievable, but we're actually used to the lifestyle of "lost weekends"..and he has been working the whole time and traveling a lot. Hes' at either the halfway or 1/3 of the way point, depending on how he treats, and either way, we're up for it. His attitude is amazing. Once you get the PICC line out and can shower you'll will feel so much better....and I think the other sx's will settle down too.
Always in our prayers..

Sonja said...

When Steven saw the pictures of the Christmas party, he wondered why we weren't there, too. I, too , am sad we missed the pirate rendition. Hang in there, you are over half-way done. I think sleeping away the time is a good strategy.

Jill said...

Living the Alisa Linton life isn't so bad, thanks to so many of you. The house has been beautified and organized, those wonderful ladies show up and clean it from stem to stern, the Linton's have wonderful friends and neighbors who do so much for them, the extended family stand ready to help with anything....well, the list goes on longer than this comment box has room for. The most important thing you all do is remember her in your prayers, this is the best help all of us have received.

Oh, speaking of childhood wishes and prayers, Luke always includes this phrase in his prayers: ...(leaving out the "bless" but definitely implied)...Mommy get bedder, get da doggie...

Apparently someone made some rash promise of a new pet when Mommy is all better. A mechanical Hurricane will be easier to own than a four footed one!! take it from me.

Jamie Smith said...

I am glad that you're able to make it out to enjoy the season with your family. Sleeping the rest of the time sounds good to me, don't push yourself too much. Keep up the sense of humor, you're doing great! You're still in our daily prayers.
~ Jamie S

Karlet said...

I would be doing less than you if I had that excuse!

MichelleChud said...

I too have been anxious to hear how you're doing. Sorry you're so exhausted. I'm so glad your Mom is here for you. Keep going strong!

jennie said...

I'm happy to hear from you and I'm sad to hear you feel so sick! Despite your lack of energy and drive, your post was sure funny. I heart you all over, and I'll see you in the am.

Doc said...

I still think the sleep 16 hours a day for the year of interferon is a great program! According to my calculations, it would go twice as fast as if you were just getting 8 every night. Keep away from that alarm clock!

IAmTheWalrus said...

Alissa - Getting your meds and preparing for, and indulging in sleep, is probably a pretty full day when you're getting the big dose. After you go on the lower dose I hope you won't have the nausea and as much fatigue. Thanks for keeping up the blog so we know how you're doing. Thinking of you.

bradnlisa said...

Alisa-I love reading your blogs! I am glad to hear that your mom has been there and know she is a great help! When all of this is said and done, I think you should publish your blog. Honestly--I love it! I hope things continue to go well and that you enjoy Christmas with your cute kids! We love you! Lisa

The Wood Monkeys said...

I'm glad your mom is there--and you still have your sense of humor!! I think about you all the time.. and hope you guys are able to get your dog SOON!

Mom of Three said...

Alisa! Hello my love. Keep up the good work. Your family is darling. I love you and hope I get to see you soon. I'll start looking for you at Costco!

Kathy Urry said...

Hi Josh & Alisa,
I hope you had a good Christmas this year.
I am so Happy that you only have to drive to salt Lake only a few more days then you do not have to go every day. (Yeah)!!!! If there is any thing I can do for you or the family please let me know.
It was fun to meet your Mom I know it had to be hard to let her go back home.
Happy New Year I hope 2008 brings you cancer free
No more talk about you being Alisa Cancer Linton only think good things no more thing bad stuff.
Kathy Urry

brionesjm said...

Tupac once sang a great song I love to listen to. "Keep your head up". I say the same thing to you. Keep your head up. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are wonderful and blessed.
take care,

The Brown Family said...

I don't know if you remember me or not from school but I got a link to your blog from Liz Morrey/Romrell and I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Your such an amazing woman! You have a beautiful family, and I just know that everything will be okay!
Kerryne Christensen/Brown