Monday, May 12, 2008

this is my mothers day present

Yup, your looking at it. My mom said all she wanted for mothers day was for us to write a letter with every detail of our lives. She has broken her knee cap and is bed ridden in Chile and is very bored. Who would want to know my details? Of course mom does. But that would take forever, so here is one day. Yesterday. Mothers day.

At 8:45 Josh came in to wake me up. I hate 9:00 church. He had gotten the kids all ready for church. They actually looked good. Josh however had blue striped pants, teal and navy striped socks, white and blue striped shirt, and topped it off with a green and pink flower tie. "nice" I say. I had to smile as a small memory from the 80s crept up on me.

I had the perfect outfit. And it was Sunday (there is never anything to wear on Sunday). My mom had made me a knee length royal blue skirt. I had a white and blue striped button down collared shirt, white tights with blue stars all over them, and thick striped keds. How could this all come together so easily? All my blues were matching!! I still remember how proud I was walking in the chapel with everyones eyes on me.

I couldn't believe my mom let me out like that. Should I make Josh change? Na.

I chose for mothers day my favorite long white islet skirt with a ruffly white top and my favorite bright green sandals, and dangley earrings. Saturdays make up looked good enough (I put on extra that night cause I went out with some of my nursing friends).

Out the door, and late.

I might not have had Josh wake me up except I remembered the kids would be singing to me in sacrament, and as ridiculous as it was, I would be taking it personally. Luckily since we were late we got front row seats.

They only sang one song. James stared into my eyes sincerely and missed half of the words. He kept grabbing Sams face and forcing it in my direction to get him to sing to me. But Sam was watching sister Drake trying to get some of the words right.

After a great meeting I came to the conclusion that moms all agree on one thing: its worth it in the end. The valley of the shadow of death is nothing compared to a sweet little 6 month old reaching up for your cheeks. Sleepless nights are nothing compared to a two year old laying in the hammock telling you stories. Throw up and boogers don't stand a chance against kisses and hugs.

The hard times of motherhood get drowned by the happiness it brings.

Now I'm getting cheesy....sorry.

So after sacrament James said he felt sick, like he was going to throw up. As he now uses the argument "you don't know, cause your not me" and he has been known to throw up in primary, I decided to stop the fight before it started and take him home. I also think he knows I can tell if he has a sore throat (red tonsilles, swollen lymph nodes), a fever (over 99), a cough (fake ones are very obvious), but I cant clinically tell if he's nauseous.

I don't know because I'm not him, but I think he was okay. He immediately ate a full meal and proceeded to run around the house like he didn't even know how to act sick.

"James, how are you feeling?"
He puts his hand to his forehead, "Um, a little better than I did at church."
"Oh, good."

I never know what to do when my kids fake sick. I know that my mom let me do it all the time, let me stay home from school and lay in my bed. She even treated me like I was sick, when I know now she knew I wasn't.

Thanks, mom.

I decided to make the potatoes for dinner while Josh was gone. Even though he insisted on cooking, I knew it would be easier to do it myself than explain. I love this way of doing mashed potatoes, you fix them up then refridgerate until 40 or so minutes before dinner starts. It makes it easier to get the meat and potatoes done at the same time. The recipe goes something like:

potatoes peeled, cut, and boiled
drain and mash
add butter, cream cheese (maybe half a small package), and some sour cream
add garlic salt to taste
spread in 9x13 pan and sprinkle with paprika
cook at 350 until hot

These don't even need gravy, although gravy never hurt anything.

I cleaned up after myself and Josh and Luke came back from nursery. This is Josh's new calling, and he loves it. A few years ago he was the nursery leader and did an awesome job of. When he got released Bishop Pierson said he would always be the nursery leader in his eyes.

Luke made me this in his class. I love it.

He also showed me a piece of chocolate and ate it in one bite. I later found out was meant for me. I wouldn't have been that bugged, except for the big Symphony bar they gave all the mothers in our ward was devoured mostly by the kids.

Its sometimes hard to share chocolate.

Luke got on my lap and insisted that Jesus said he needs new underwear that arent owie. I changed his underware. He then told me Jesus said he needs different pants on. I change his pants. Jesus then told him what book I was to read him. How am I going to argue this one?

I talked to my mom for a while on the phone, wishing I could help her out.

After lunch we put Luke to bed and things got quite. James was working on some homework and as I got to the top of the stairs he asked "Mom, what kind of animal sleeps a lot?" "I don't know....a bear?" "Oh, thats a good one."

I peeked over his shoulder at his work. It was a 'family animal' poem. He had to fill in the blanks:

Dad is like a cheetah because he is fast
Sam is like a monkey because he is crazy
Luke is like a giraffe because he is tall
Mom is like a bear because she sleeps a lot.

I looked up at Josh all shocked and hurt. He shrugged his shoulders and said apologetically, "I tried to tell him to think of something skinny or pretty."

I went to my room all sad that my kids notice how much time I spend in bed. Then I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sounds of Josh in the kitchen. He made us grilled chicken, cut up fruit, and steamed broccoli. We had a nice dinner with his parents and brother. The weather was perfect. I spent some time in the hammock with the boys, then watched them golf.

They were ready for bed at 8, so I had time for a bath. I read a little of this and that. Josh massaged my leg while we talked. He gave me my pills, then a shot in the tummy.

So there you go mom, life is great here. Thats all you really want to know right?


mamabear said...

It is said that we all are given gifts. You have many but since it was a mother's day post I would like to add what a good mother you are. While we were at Sea World I watched the other mom's and dad's with their children. In spite of you being a tired bear, you are a better mother than most I observed that day. Thank you for being such a good mother!!!!

Dad said...

Thanks, Alisa. You have no idea how happy this will make her.

Karlet said...

I love it, Alisa, you're amazing!

Mary said...

I really enjoyed reading this Alisa. I love how your personality just comes through so vividly in your writing. I wish you could have worn the matchy blue outfit to church this Sunday, how cute would that have been?

So, when can I see you? Seriously. I miss you tons! Love ya!

lou said...

Ohhhh... I want to see my nephews! Tell them all hello from Aunt Kirst! Only 33 days left!

Jill said...

I was computerless until five minutes ago, so sorry I wasn't the first comment! Thanks so much, it did make me very happy. See the little blog I am going to do now on the family page.

ronco said...

Beautiful post, Alisa. I'm glad things are going well for you.

Kathy Urry said...

It is allways good to have you right and learn about how things are going with you. Last night at RS was good you allways seem to do really good at what you do . You say your taking time off from every thing but every time there is something going on in the ward your allways there helping your the best.

I Pray that all the cancer will go away and stay away for good
We Love you
Your kids looked good sunday for church so you did a great job geting them to church

Momila said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day..I tend to take a mental "vacation" on that day, personally, nothing against mothers or my kids, I just can't stand the day....but I know my kids love me and that's all that matters! You summed up motherhood beautifully..and if it's any consolation, my kids would have called me a bear, too because I am famous for my love of naps! Josh is amazing is his care of you--I have to look away when Brent shoots up (that sounds wrong...) but he does it w/o a second thought. 'Course he has a huge numb spot on his belly! So glad you are doing well and hanging in there. We think of you always!

jennie said...

You know that if you wrote about every day of your life, all of your followers would read it faithfully. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

I love your thoughts about how all the woes of motherhood are all worth it. I wish I would have read this two days ago when all I could do was cry because I can't sleep a wink thanks to my ginormous belly. I should never ever complain about the wonderful calling of motherhood.

Thanks for your thoughts, I always gain so much from them.

p.s. I wish James would write a sleeping like a bear poem about me...

wendipooh13 said...

love reading all your Mother's Day details and I too by the end of sacrament was bawling, cuz yes it is all totally worth it and wouldn't have it any other way.....

Dawn said...

That line:
"Its sometimes hard to share chocolate."
That would be a great book title. Sometimes I think things like that, like what would be a good book title or band name. I'm glad you had a good mother's day. And if it helps you feel better James probably would have said I was like a bear for sleeping all the time too-and I don't have an excuse at all!

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

amen to dawn about excessive sleeping without an excuse. Your kids are cute and you are a great writer!

Debbie said...

Alisa, you are an amazing writer and one of the best moms I know! I feel guilty I never leave comments on your blog because so many of your post have inspired me to be a better person. Thank you for your wonderful example!

The Brown Family said...

It IS really hard to share chocolate! Better on the waistline though (this is my way of talking myself into sharing my chocolate). Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day, and don't feel bad about the tired as a bear comment... my daughter has told me I have a big bum before. Ouch! I hope all is well Alisa, as always your in my prayers!