Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ferarri Red

James finally got his cast off. He took a fall on his bike and broke his elbow. The Dr. gave him the cast color choices, ending with and expecting the manly color blue. "Red" James said. I wondered why, and then I realized "Oh, lightning McQueen, hu?" "No. Ferarri red. Ferarri only made the GT40 in red." I think thats about as masculine as it gets, but no one else realizes this and I tried to offset it with lots of blue shirts.
Since the removal of said cast we are missing a part of our daily prayer, the part in which James starts to tap quietly on his cast mid prayer until his elbow is mentioned. It didn't help when it was Sam praying, as it only made him think of something to curse him with "that James' arm wont heal...that James arm wont feel better....that James' arm will hurt." Luckily those prayers weren't answered and he has almost his full range on motion back. We love you James!

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Lou said...

I kind of wish that I had the chance to have a cast when I was little: my strong bones kind of missed out on that experience. Did you keep James' cast?