Tuesday, March 10, 2009

when you read this post humor me and say 'slash' in your head when you see the /. i love it when people talk this way. stephanie/fugal?

8 years ago today life blessed me/the world with James/my first born.

I could blog/brag about him all day, but that would be boring for you/time consuming for me.

Recently though, we took him to be tested for an accelerated program in our school district. We of course had told him how great he would do/how easy it would be for him to get in. As I stood in line that morning I started having my doubts/regrets. There were what seemed like hundreds of kids cramming in geography/math books with their well-put-together parents hovering over them. We finally got the table with folders that contained their bubble sheets/instructions. Linton was in the middle of names such as Wang/Lee/Chu/Chen. You get the picture/problem.

As we walked to his classroom I suddenly panicked and nervously/discreetly laughed the whole thing off. "You know James, this is really just about having...fun/enjoying your time. And...trying to do your best. That's all, just like a little game. It will most likely be pretty hard, so no pressure!

After 4 hours/all morning of filling in A/B/C/D and writing essays....It was a highly anticipated/hilarious reunion (for me).

"How did it go James?"
"Oh..." He says disappointed. "Okay."
I look at him all sorry-that-I'm-pushing-my-child-and-making-him-feel-inferior-ish/embarrassed-to-think-he-was-above-average-ish.
He looked down. "But...I think I missed 3 questions."

Love you James!!One of my favorite conversations with James was age 4 while eating lunch/high tea. "Mom, where was I born?" "In Provo." "Oh! Provo!....Well then where did I grow up?"


alisa said...

This post is really only missing some ALL CAPS. Ill work on this next time, Jennie, for you.

Chapman Family said...

Of course he is above average. He's a WASHBURN!! Woot woot!

Jill said...

I loved this/these post/stories about one of my favorite eight year old grandsons.

jennie said...

You KNOW I love the ALL CAPS function. It's the only way I can TRULY emphasize the important words. It's MUCH more bold than italics. Wait a minute.. I could do BOLD ALL CAPS! Even better.

So did James get in or what? What a cute kid. Happy birthday little guy!

ronco said...

I LOVE THIS POST! How's that for emphasis/importance, Jennie?
Happy b-day, James! We love you. I'll bet you only missed two.

AnneMarie said...

James is the best son/nephew/kid ever.

Sonja said...

WOW!!! I LOVE/ADORE James and know he is gifted/smart/perfect/eight! YEAHHH!!!! for eight year olds!

Brooke said...

We love you James and hope you had a FABULOUS/FUN/STUPENDOUS birthday!