Monday, June 16, 2008

from da potty

I walk in my front door today after grabbing something from my neighbors' house. All was quiet.

"Luke!! What are you doing?"

A raspy voice answers. "Im goin poo. Is dat a good idea mommy?"

"Well yes, it is."

A few sounds later..."ha, ha, mommy did you hear dat tootie-toot-tootie?"


"UHHHH, GRRRRR, MMMMMM. Mommy was dat loud?"


More grunts.

"Oh, mommy! What dat smell?"

"Probley your poop."


"Ready to be wiped?"

"I got two big ones, wait THREE! Brown with white!"

Why dont two year olds act like the rest of us and want to be private? Anyone else having these daily conversations?


Kimberlee said...

I actually LONG for these conversations! If only I could get my toddler to go poop in the POTTY instead of his pants or my floor! Any tips would be much appreciated! When Ellie's done with the chicken pox we need to get Luke & jackson to be friends.

ronco said...

Sounds just like Seth!

Amber said...

Yup, we have these. My favorite:
"Momma goes poo in potty?"

"Yup, Momma goes in the potty."

Clapping hands, "Yeah! Good job Mommy!"

Doc said...

Let's hope my wife doesn't post a comment for this one.

lindsay said...

seriously,I totally understand! Belle always tells me, out of the blue (like in the busy checkout line or during VERY qiuet moments @ the library), what her poop sounds like when it hits the bowl!! She even does different sound effects in order to accuratly describe every "instance"!! What in the world! I know that I haven't taught her that.

Misty said...

I know how you feel about privacy. My 5 year old daughter will blurt out in front of everyone that she has to poo! I just shake my head, but as I think about it, they are only young once and that sweet innocence will be left behind. You are in my prayers and I hope you can sell your house!

Sonja said...

We do--I guess I need to figure out how to instill a little more modesty about these sorts of things.

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh, sooooo funny, kids just have NO shame!!! LOL

The Brown Family said...

My favorite is when we are in a public CROWDED restroom and Pajha insists on telling me through the door exactly what is going on with other chuckling around me. And she is 4... talk about embarrassing! Good luck on the house, I am sure it will all work out!

Brooke said...

I think it's universal. I was hoping Savannah wouldn't be influenced by the boys in our house, but she joins right in!

Praying for you to sell your house!

Sherrie said...

Mackay is almost 4 and we still have these conversations! He will come out and "show" (with his hands of course) how many, what color and how long! Boys will be boys.

bradnlisa said...

We are potty training Coops at the moment ans he is hillarious! When he 'toots' he knows it's time to go potty. This is ALL we talk about lately. I can totally picture Luke saying those words! Good luck with the house!

jennie said...

Huh.. I hate to say that I'm jealous of that convo... Clementine proudly announces that she is "poopie" instead of actually going on the potty. I can only get her to sit on the potty if I paint her toenails while she sits there. She still has never gone on the potty. BOO!
Did I mention that we went through 80 diapers last week?

Momila said...

Brandon was OBSESSED with his first kid's "offerings" so to speak..I think he was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of pooping that went on, even after his sisters and I told him over and over that yes, babies go thru like 15 diapers a they have a new little boy and it's all going to start over again (AND Brooklyn isn't totally potty times!)

Paul & Jill said...

hey alisa,
its jill porter. i check your blog pretty regularly, just to see how youre doing. i have a 2 year old too, and yes, poop and toots are a main topic at our house, especially because paul thinks its SOOO funny! the other night he was putting maya to sleep and was singing her songs. he said she got a HUGE smile on her face and said to fawted (farted)! and totally laughed! (which i didnt, i was in the other room). so now, im trying to get back to her saying toot, not fart, thanks to paul. not that one is better than the other, just prefrence. well, about the house..good luck. sounds like your in love. sounds so charming. i hope it works out. and i'll continue to check your blog to see how it goes. hope youre feeling good. i love that youre honest.

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

My favorite is him asking if it is a good idea. hilarious.

Welch TLC said...

Alisa - hey it is me Laura Tueller, Welch is the new last name. I am a blog snoop and have been spying on you for months. I love reading your have so much Anne in you (Anne of Green Gables that is) Why do I picture you laying in a boat reciting "the Lady of shalot" when I read your posts? I wish I pick you up on my bike, ride to the park for some tennis, hit Harley's for some fries, and throw in a Slurpee for dessert. I tell my husband that summer was the best summer of my teenage life. THank you for hanging out with me and letting me get to know how WONDERFUL you are.
Take care of yourself and stop with the dying talk. We are going to play tennis doubles in an old ladies league once we get our children grown and out of the house :)