Sunday, June 15, 2008

the long version

I know, I know, I need to blog.

I feel like there is so much more to say, and a better way to say it, but I'm tired so here goes....

Ive been having some rough weeks, to be honest. I hesitate writing the bad, but thats just how it is sometimes.

It all started the night David Archuletta lost (SHOCKING). My grandpa died (SAD). I ran out of antidepressants for few days (BAD). My best friend had a baby (JEALOUS). I fell in love with a house, but they had already accepted an offer (DEVASTATING). My lymphedema spread to my toes which means no more normal shoes and lots of discomfort (DAM IT).

So in the middle of all this......there are two houses in Lehi I drive by and always say 'if that house goes up for sale I'm buying it.' One is the red brick two story on the north side of Wines park (if you live in Lehi, you know which one it is). The other is a prairie bungalow. Every window is Frank Lloyd Wright-ish looking stained glass.

It goes up for sale. Its meant to be, right?

It is has tons of original built-ins and wood floors. They have redone the wiring and plumbing and kitchen. It has kitchen garden, a sleeping porch, and is on a third of an acre.

Its not even that....its just I felt awakened in the house. I felt like LIVING there. Every image in my head when I think about my house is me, alive.

when I walked through it I did everything they tell you not to. "Oh....I love it! Cute! Its my dream house! I love everything about this house! etc." I drive by every day, stare at it when my kids are at the park, paint the walls in my head. I swear I see my unborn children in those windows.

Its been emotional, but two offers have failed in front of us, and we are in contract. It is conditional on selling our house, and so far, no offers. We dropped the price 10,000 this week and had no one call since. Its not looking good.

Everyone says if its meant to be things will work out.

Guess I'm meant to die and have to haunt these linoleum floors and stucco walls.


jennie said...

I'm not giving up on you or on your dream house. Houses do still sell, even in this market... don't give up hope. I remember when you told me about this house when you came to see me in the hospital, I could tell how badly you wanted it. You said you felt like it was yours. I will keep praying that it will be yours.

It would be much cooler for you to haunt an old bungalo, with the Dr and the Mrs, than haunt your current house... here's hoping for that sale!!!

ronco said...

We're praying for you, Alisa. I really hope you get it.

Macy Mauerman said...

I hope that you get your dream house!! Looking at houses is fun ...and very frustrating!!! I may never move again just to avoid it all! Good Luck!

Chapman Family said...

If it makes you feel any better we have been living in a crappy 1000 sq. ft. house for three years and are moving in August. Come to find out we just were offered a new 2000 sq. ft. home on base that we love, but won't get to move into... after three years!! Ironic? We finally get to move to a nice place and we are moving away... okay, so Hungary is a close second. We are planning on a visit by you BTW!!

Karlet said...

People are lame if they don't want to buy your house. I'm also praying for you, Alisa.

Brooke said...

Oh, I LOVE that house!!! You have to promise me you will keep putting up the wreaths in all the windows at Christmas. Love it!!!!!

MichelleChud said...

Don't give up. Patience right? Gotta hate it! :) We've been really slow on selling ours too, not that that's supposed to make you feel any better. What do you care, but anyway, just trying to say, know how you feel. Good luck.