Sunday, June 29, 2008


Its been a bit of a sad week. My moms neighbor and my friend lost her full term baby.

As I'm not handling swollen toes too well, this is just devastating.

I have always known throughout this cancer that although my pain is big, its on a whole different level than someone who has had something happen to their kids.

Because I know how crazy a moms love is, she would do anything to save her child. Usually you don't have that choice though, do you?

I'm so glad I believe that Cali will get to be with her sweet baby someday, and that she will get to be his mom forever.

May God bless you, Cali and Josh.


jennie said...

I think I might cry myself to sleep tonight. That video was so sad, but so sweet. Why in the world did I complain today about my baby who wouldn't quit crying. Why did I complain about having to change my outfit 3 times after being spit up on? Why did I complain that he always wants to be held? Why did I complain that I'm the only one who can calm him down? I just don't think I could possibly cope if that happened to me. Bless them.

It makes me think about a talk Pres. Benson gave in the October Conference of '74 about overcoming sorrow. He gave 12 ways to cope with hardships. I read it this week as it was in my lesson for YW. It's a must read.

I hope you are okay, untimely deaths can be so heartbreaking. I love you.

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

Well said, Alisa.

Brooke said...

My heart goes out to them. I cannot imagine their pain. Hope you are doing okay.

Shalise said...

This was disheartning, I can atess the worst trial that a women can ever imagine. My heart breaks for your dear friend, I think the hardest part is when you leave hospital empty handed and have nothing to show for it, I wish all the comfort to her and her husband, what an amazing video they have given to others to view. May the blessing they recieve provide them comfort, though I lost my boys at 24wks, 20 wks and 10 wks, it is still the hardest thing to ever get over.
What a blessing we have for the plan of salvation.

Karlet said...

I am also depressed for Cali. I don't know what I would do if I didn't know about the Plan of Salvation.

Kathy Urry said...

I had Daniel 5 wqeeks early came home with out and cryed for along time and if any one asked about him I would cry even more but I do not know how your friend came home and seem so strong with out a baby or even a hope to bring him home. I hart hurts for her and her family and pray that someday they will have another child soon that is good health. Tell them of our Love for them
I Pray all is well
Love The Urry's

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

wow, I am so sorry.

Cara said...

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I keep thinking, how grateful I am for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I've had so many friends with similar experiences and my heart has hurt for each of them. I've seen the tender mercies of the Lord through these heart breaking experiences. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. That was an incredible slide show and tribute to baby Mac! Thank you for sharing Alisa.