Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'm always a little torn during football season. Josh is happy from August to January. I'm confused during those months, because how can watching random people throw a ball around get you excited? I so don't get it. It seems like he's waisting time, but if its making him so happy, how can I argue?

I wish I had something to compare it to. Its like golf. There isn't something I could do for an afternoon that is fun, and relieves stress. Like scrap booking (which I gave up on years ago) is kind of intense, you have to come up with a cute layout and work to get it that way. Fun, but not a good form of stress release for me. Shopping is very fun for me, but it would only be stress free without a budget. Is that so lame of me? Sometimes when Josh can tell I need to get out of the house he insists on babysitting but I'm like"I don't have anywhere to go!"

So anyway, Josh got tickets from our friend who is a trainer for the team (thanks Jeff!) and I'm so glad it was worth the weeks of hype. This high should last him till next year.
Thats right, face paint. Check out cougar Dave.....grrrrrr.

On an unrelated note...we had a great Thanksgiving. My brothers and sister got together and put on an amazing dinner without any of the 'older' generation. We missed our parents though.

My sister Sonja is staying with me to help. The only problem is I'm feeling great. Not even limping. We thought for sure we would be well into treatment when she got her ticket. Sorry Sonja! My Dr.s appointment is in the morning, so I'm going to do my best to get started ASAP.


mamabear said...

Thanks to Jill and Jeff via Kevin for upgrading their cable so we could also participate in this happy event. Well happy for the Y fans. Sorry Adam. Alisa you have about 20 more years of marriage to begin to understand the male football mentality. I can now watch a little bit, but I still wish both teams could win.

happy mommy said...

This is a great one! Go Cougars!

Our high school will be playing in the state football championship game and it is RIDICULOUS how excited we are about it!!

I am glad you had an enjoyable thanksgiving, and sorry you weren't able to be with your parents.


Brooke said...

I don't get the football thing either. I also relate to finding it difficult to find something fun and totally stress free. Just the word scrapbooking stresses me out because poor Savannah has like 3 pages.

jennie said...

Go cougs!!!

dawn said...

alisa-I have never understood football. And recently I was even more confused by my moms desire to watch an OLD game, like 10 years ago...whatever.

Sonja said...

Alisa, thanks for flying me out here! I have no regrets of the timing, it was great to be here for Thanksgiving.

Annie Lane said...

Amen, girl, to not getting the football thing! My sister made the comment, "Do these football players understand how their actions will impact my family life for the next week?!" But, alas, it makes them happy so what's a wife to do? And I'm with you on the where to go thing. I guess I go to work to release stress. Sad, isn't it? Hugs to you! Hang in there!

Dave said...


I think I left my face paint in Josh's car. I'll swing by and pick it up next time I'm in town. GREAT GAME!!! Sorry you couldn't be there, thanks JOSH!