Tuesday, November 6, 2007

medical update

So, Ive been waiting to get this stupid drain out of my leg so I can start the treatments. I was having three times the amount of fluid I needed to get it pulled. I started praying to get it out because my mom comes into town next week to help me while I'm on the drugs.

Bad idea.

Sunday during church I started to feel sick, and by 10:00 I had a fever, shakes, my leg was hot and red, and the drainage was disgusting. I called the Dr. ("Sorry to bug you, you just never know when your going to go septic overnight") and went to the ER. My blood pressure was down to 78/48. I felt so miserable, but after about 10 different drugs and IV antibiotics I was able to walk out to the car. They knew it was the drain, but were hoping the antibiotics would take care of the infection so I could keep it in a little longer.

Monday night I felt the same, only I was puking up any medicine I tried to take, so we got some anti nausea pills and I got comfortable. The whole time I kept wondering if this is what its going to feel like that first month of my treatments. I'm completely terrified.

This morning I still felt sick, and the redness hadn't gone away so they pulled the drain out. Josh now gets to stick a huge Q-tip up the path of the drain to keep it open until my body figures out where to put all this fluid. Not fun.

I see the Dr. on Thursday and we are going to get an appointment with the medical oncologist so as soon as my leg heals we can start the drugs.

Im wondering why in Heaven, if I looked at my list of trials, didnt I sweetly say "Cancer? Um....no thank you!"


Brooke said...

Alisa, I am so sorry you have to go through this. We continue to pray for you. I know you will love having your mom there. I pray everything works out with the timing of her visit and your treatments. Start making a list of things I can do when I am there. I'll be expecting it!

All about the Benjamin's said...

Alisa and Josh-
I am so sorry to hear what you have been enduring this past couple of days and pray for you that you will be comforted and that Josh will have strength.. I hope for good news in the days and weeks to come.

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

oh my goodness Alisa! I love you, I wish you never had to go through this either! You guys are a constant in our prayers, and we will continue.

jennie said...

Can I come do your dressing change? I'd love to come help! I'm calling you in the morning.

Mary said...

I was hoping that you hadn't posted anything for several days because you were just feeling so great and having a good time! So sorry to hear the opposite is true. You are a trooper and so is Josh! Everything seems to look brighter when you have your mom around. Love you!

kathyurry said...

I could tell in Church you did not fell well and told you that you were over doing it and to rest. I know we all pray for things and then wish why did I wish for that. But I am here to tell you he knowes you more than you know your self. I am so sorry your so sick and that you had to go to the ER I hope your leg heals fast and no more problems. I hear there is meds out there to help you when you do the treatment.
We keep you in our prayers.

I have to tell you about a prayer I asked for Daniel wrote and said he never got his garments and pants I sent him for his Birthday in Aug and so I said Lord if someone out there needs these more than him please bless them but I got them for him because he needs them so Please if you can send them to him and then a week later he got them so I know he listens to our prayers we just need to trust him more. I Love you and wish I could take all your pain away and get you back to health
May the lord help you and bless you that you may get well and no more being sick

Love you lots
The Urry's

ronco said...

I'm with Maringa. We've been trying to schedule a visit, but you guys seem so busy. I was hoping it was because you were feeling well, but then Mom told me about Sunday (funny how the news gets funneled through a place a few thousand miles away). I'm so sorry and I hope you're feeling better. How long for the q-tip thing? I hope it's not long, though it sounds like at least Jennie's excited about the situation (hi, by the way Jennie--it's a strange way to communicate, but I hope things went well with your house &c.).

IAmTheWalrus said...

Alisa, Sorry about the difficulties you are having. I pray they will be temporary. Keep your chin up. We're thinking of you.
- Brent & Buffy
FWIW: I think a bad infection makes you feel much worse than the IFN therapy probably will.

Rod and Kandace said...

Thanks for updating your blog, even when you are feeling so horrible. To be so constant, you must be aware of how many of us check to see how you are doing and what news you have to give. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Karlet said...

I'm willing to come help out still, Alisa, just email me when you want me to! Love ya, and good luck with everything!

Sonja said...

I am so sorry about this Alisa, and I hope you are feeling much better today. Can't wait to see you again.

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

I will come help you too. Nothing like a good dressing change, eh? I really am so sorry about all of this. I will pray for you.

The Wood Monkeys said...

So, Alisa, maybe in heaven you didn't pick the cancer thing--MAYBE it was the infection you voted for and THEY DIDN'T TELL YOU it would involve Cancer--that is not fair--we will definitely have to talk to them about sign-ups---on a more serious note, I think of you all the time and pray you will be able to get through this. Also, you know I love a good wound to change, so let me know if Josh needs a break. Have a great time with your mom!!

Kathy Urry said...

If I could take this away from you so you never had it I would. You are so strong and such a good Mother to those 3 little boys. We are keeping you in our family prayers each day and I know you will be stong and well get well fast just because of who you are and how strong you are.
Love ya lots
The Urry's

momila said...

Alisa & Josh,
Brent (the "walrus") truly knows of which he speaks...INF will not be as bad as the drains, infections, etc. If ANYBODY knows, he does.
Fear is normal, but...there is NOTHING to fear, because God is on your side. Plus about a zillion great people.
So that was YOU GUYS standing in line behind us in the pre-life signing up for these particular trials? I thought I knew you from somewhere..

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

K-you are so funny! What about Thursday or Friday night for dinner?

Kathy Urry said...

I Love all you do for the Young Women your the best and so is your Husband