Wednesday, October 31, 2007

boo humbug

James once asked me "What are we celebrating on Halloween?" I had to think, "I don't know.....the birth of Frankenstein?"

I think everyones posts today are going to be full of their kids in cute costumes. I'm not saying my kids aren't cute, but their costumes are so boring. James has been a race car driver for 3 years, now Sam is in on it. Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnheart Jr., barf!

Luke was impossible:
"Do you want to be a cow?" "Yea, purple cow!" "We don't have a purple cow." "No cow."
"How about a dog?" "Yea, green dog." "We don't have green, only brown." "No dog."
"You could be an elephant!" "Yea, lellow elephant." "Its a gray elephant." "No elephant!."

I was going over the options again to today. After saying no to everything, he said, "I be Edward" (a Thomas the Tank Engine Train). "No Luke. We don't have an Edward costume." "I be Edward." I gave up and went to play with Sam. A few minutes later Luke runs out of the play room "I Edward! I Edward!" He had found a Thomas sticker and put it in his hair. How was I going to argue with that one?

So, I put some pictures up of Sam in my favorite costume 2 years ago. I promise if they didn't have opinions they would always look this cute.

I always dread the hoard of candy. Last year I had a great plan. The day after Halloween the kids asked the usual, "whats for lunch?" I answered, "Candy!" I dumped their loot on the table and told them they should eat as much as they could, cause everything they didn't eat right then I was going to give away.

It kind of backfired. I was counting on the belly ache we tell kids they are going to get when they eat too much candy. It didn't come. They were supposed to never want to see another smartie. They still begged for it after I took it away, and their friends had enough to keep their blood sugars high. The only thing I accomplished was teaching them that candy was an option for lunch. "What do you want for lunch?' "CANDY!!"

Feel free to share how you get rid of your booty.

I guess the point I'm trying to get at (and its taking way too long) is that normally I hate Halloween. But this year was different. I loved the anticipation, the costumes (except my boys), the ghost stories, the teenage trick or treaters. Even the candy the boys brought back.

I suppose I know the reason for the change of heart.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween
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Dad said...

Alisa, I still think the best idea for halloween candy is to confiscate it and then put it in Christmas stockings, but from my one attempt at this I know it was not popular with kids. "Dad, I can't believe you. You are so cheap!" I guess the little witches gave me away.

mamabear said...

I love Luke's creativity. Now that is a Linton costume. I am not particularly fond of Halloween either, but it is really not fun without little ones to dress up and share in the excitement. Very few trick or treaters will make the "trek" down the driveway so I still have more candy than I should eat.

Jesse and Leah said...

Did Sam stay up until midnight? That's what he told us when we went by your house last night, and I totally could see lightning Mcqueen in your pumpkin...Josh was impressed (Mine and yours)! I LOVE the elephant costume!

You look beautiful as always in your slide show!

alisa said...

Okay, I forgot about how surprised we were when our orange and black m$ms ended up in our Christmas stocking. Good idea.

And Leah, he was pretty tired at 9:30 and luckily "its ALMOST midnight" worked.

Sonja said...

I have a friend who buys the Halloween candy from her kids--with toys if they don't like money. In the past, we've saved whatever might help adorn a gingerbread house and we make one in December.

Karlet said...

Your boys are adorable! Cute little Lukie! I think you're lucky he's happy with that simple of a costume!

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

They are so adorable. You can save your candy for Nate when we get back. Good idea for the gingerbread houses, Sonja!

lou said...

I like the idea of buying it from them. Would your boys go for pesos?

IAmTheWalrus said...

Happy Halloween! The elephant costume is great. Kids candy? I used to snack on it myself! Ask my kids. Brandon would inventory his stach every day to make sure I wasn't poaching. The weight gain while my kids were young was a problem, though.

dawn said...

Alisa- I think I was the same "princess/fairy" in the same yellow dress for like 8 years straight. And the dress was too big for like 7 of those years.

ronco said...

I love the pics, Alisa. We let Seth eat as much as he wanted (well, as much as we thought he probably wanted), then at about 9 pm we decided we were done giving out candy. I asked Stephan Hepworth (the next knocker) to pick a number from 1 to 100. He guessed 53, and I said, "He got it! I can't believe it!" Then I dumped all the rest of our candy and the rest of Seth's into his bag. I think he really thought he'd hit the jackpot--he just started laughing and walked away.

The Wood Monkeys said...

Loved the pictures and slideshow. Your boys are darling. We let Ethan pick out 5 pieces this year and hid the rest.

Brooke said...

I have always loved that elephant costume. I just send lots of candy with Ashkii to share at work. But your dad's stocking idea is genius!:)

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

ALISA! YOu are so gorgeous! and your kids are so stinkin' CUTE! ANYWAY, I TAGGED you, so now you have to do it! Check out our blog and you will see what its all about! Love ya!

balega said...

I am not sure there is a need for "Candy Re-distribution" I pretty much help them take care of it in no time. I guess if there is some left by Christmas we could use it for stocking or gingerbread houses. But I am pretty sure I will have eaten most of it by then.

jennie said...

What a hot groupie you are!

Susan said...


A friend found your blog and sent it to me because she was suprised by how much we have in common. I also have 3 boys and I'm a photographer. My youngest boy is Luke and I have cancer. Here is my blog:
If you ever want to chat I would love to. Good luck and lots of love through your journey!

Camille said...

Alisa! I love that dumbo costume, and have for years. Can I have it when you are all done with it??