Monday, February 4, 2008

political insomnia

How are we suppose to sleep tonight? This election thing is making me crazy. Could Mitt possibly pull it off? Will I really have to vote for McCain or Hillary? Im hoping its a season of underdogs.

Also Im nervous tonight about Punxsutawney Phils prediction of a long winter. We got a foot of snow on Sunday, and every inch seems to weigh me down that much more.

To my boys every inch is a Christmas present waiting under the trees to be unwrapped. A smooth blanket of snow calls out to them to be the first to walk across it, fall down in it, and gather it up. I remember being a kid and not feeling the cold too. When do things like this change? When do we stop thinking its fun to touch a frogs belly, trap rodents, or catch grasshoppers? When did I decide, just because its winter Ill spend my days inside?

James has even been claiming that he's going to spend his nights outside in his snow cave (big enough only to fit a very flexible child). "Its huge. Theres room for me and even some space for my stuff." All the plans are laid out with his friend across the street for a meeting at midnight to have a sled party. So Tom-Sawyerish. Josh and I laugh at him and tell him he would last maybe 20 minutes. He thinks he can do it, only because he has never felt the air at midnight in February.

Is it better to never experience that kind of deep, biting cold? Or does is make summer nights a hundred times better?


Jill said...

The elections...the whole thing makes me crazy. I just want to close my eyes and hope they go away. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Hilary is the president, I'm not coming home!

Loved the video, that is good exercise! Makes me tired, and cold, just to watch it.

Jill said...

Alisa-this is your old roommate Jill. I just read your last two blogs, and have nothing more to add to the inspiration and comfort others have given. So instead I saw Jennie's comment about "giving the bird" and I thought I would make you smile, even for just one second. Spencer works with a girl that used to live in Salt Lake, and used to be "less active". She was driving behind a slow moving black sedan that had LDS on the license plate. She was frustrated, and so she swerved around it, and "gave it the bird" only to discover that President Hinckley was driving himself. He just waved back, and she freaked out. Now the family joke is "don't worry, at least you didn't flip off the prophet".
Doesn't help with the long term, but hopefully makes you smile. Tell James he can camp in my back yard. It is warm here.

Cara said...

How fun is that hill in your backyard???? My kids think the slide of snow off our rock wall is cool. They'd never come inside with what you have in your backyard!

I used to wear shorts and a jacket and play for hours in the snow. Now I'd rather watch from the window and stay warm. When did I get old???

Oh, and I just try not to think about the causes me to much stress! I just keep praying and praying it will all work out.

Doc said...

Loved the post. I am holding out for Mitt. We'll see - those Mormons vote in blocks, you know - that's one of the reasons the Missourians disliked them so much.

I think it's good to experience the cold - just not too often. Like how I went to Klondike campouts when I was a scout, but am doing anything I can to get out of staying overnight with the scouts this weekend for their camp.

Anyway - I'm a big fan or yours, Alisa.

Karlet said...

I'm pretty sick of the winter by now, too, Alisa.

Tiffany said...

Sorry Alisa, but I have to respond to Jill. If Hilary gets elected can we come live with you?
Love, Tiffany

Brittani said...

Wow what a sledding hill! The snow has been incredible. It's amazing how pretty you are in your blue fuzzy robe holding your chubby cat. You are just amazing--keep up the good work!

Jewel said...

I watched neighbor kids sliding (falling)down the hill at the vacant lot on Monday. It made me a little nervous- the head, feet, head, feet flipping over part. I guess I am an old Mom too. I think it is safer without a sled at that slope. Caroline and Will were climbing up it to go say Hi to someone and when they started up for the second I just stayed in the van honking and thought- am I one of those honking Moms who won't get out of the van?

Sonja said...

You are so lucky to have snow! I remember some of our sledding trips down dangerous hills by the Paradise house. Those were the days! I think I value my tailbone too much to take it up again.

wendipooh13 said...

Sooo fun to see your kids sliding down the mountain, looks like a ton of fun. I don't know if I should show Austin or he will come running over to your house in about 2 seconds flat!!! I'm going crazy too with all this snow, but Austin still wants more, this is way more than I can handle.
You should check out Jeremy's blog, he did a ton of characters of most of the politician's-it's over my hear though.

Brooke said...

My kids just keeping asking to watch the video over and over. They are so jealous of the snow. When the video ends they kiss the screen and say "we miss our cousins!"

I personally don't miss the snow! I never really remember enjoying it that much when I was little, not for any great length of time anyway - I must have been a boring child. But I do miss you guys!

You look great, by the way, blue robe and all! We love you!

Brooke said...

P.S. I saw a shirt today in a store window that said, "Anyone but Hillary!" and thought of your mom's words. This is a crazy time we are living in, huh?

jennie said...

Can you believe this election??? It is so crazy, and I'm so scared.

I love your kids and their thoughts about the snow. I, for one, have loved the snow this year, but I don't do much driving in it or shoveling of it, or playing in it. I just watch it fall. It makes me feel like Christmas is lingering a little, just for me.


IAmTheWalrus said...

I loved the blog. It brought back a lot of memories when I was willing to sleep in the cold and touch frogs.

Personnaly, I have enjoyed having the kind of winter that I remember. It seems that the last ten or twenty years have been a run of mostly mild winters. I never would have dreamed of playing golf in winter, but the last several years that has been par for the course (excuse the double entendre).

Be well,