Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Its so great to hear from all of you. I mean it.

I am going to get my tests done on Tuesday, so there wont be any new news until after that.

My girlfriend Steph Fugal, who I could write a thank you BOOK to, brought up a good point. Was this because of too much sun?

The Dr. told Josh the DNA report showed there was no evidence of sun damage. I have had the blessing of never feeling guilty about the cancer. Afternoons spent cooking on the roof of our apartment in Mexico studying pediatrics did cross my mind. I never used sunblock simply because I didn't burn (and it was so easy to get a great tan). Of course I would take it all back, but it seems like it wouldn't have made a difference.

And then, should I feel guilty because I didn't get it removed earlier? I found a study that showed nodular melanoma (especially the color of mine-pinkish) is not thought to be melanoma even by Dr.s (as was the case with mine).

Im going to paste the abstract of the study. This is for my benefit (most of you wont want to read it), because I do feel a little silly being a nurse and all, and not getting it off faster.

BACKGROUND: Nodular histotype represents the condition that is mostly associated with diagnosis of thick melanoma. OBJECTIVE: The objectives were to evaluate variables associated with and pattern of detection of nodular melanomas and to investigate variables associated with early diagnosis in accordance with histotype (nodular vs. superficial spreading melanomas). METHODS: From the original data set of 816 melanomas, all the invasive lesions classified as superficial spreading (n=500) and nodular (n=93) melanomas were considered for the study. A multivariate logistic analysis was performed. Results. Nodular melanomas did not significantly differ from superficial spreading melanomas regarding sex, anatomic site, number of whole-body nevi, and the presence of atypical nevi. As expected, nodular melanomas were represented by a higher percentage of thick (>2 mm) lesions compared to superficial spreading melanomas (64.5% vs. 9.6%, p<0.001). style="font-weight: bold;">Female sex, high level of education, and detection made by a dermatologist had an independent, protective effect against late (>1 mm in thickness) diagnosis in superficial spreading melanomas. No protective variable associated with nodular melanomas was found. CONCLUSION: Patterns of detection for nodular melanomas significantly differ from those for superficial spreading melanomas. For superficial spreading, but not for nodular, melanomas, variables associated with protective effect against late diagnosis can be identified.

I remember after my horrible birth with Luke, telling my cousin Jill how I felt guilty I didn't love him to pieces right after and she said something like "there is no room for guilt in motherhood." I cant fit that emotion in now either. My heart is already full. Mostly of love....for you.

Here is how James ended up at the end of the Matterhorn-horizontal. He sports the only souvenir from Disneyland, (ironically) a watch.


mamabear said...

I was wondering which ride really was "melanoma mania" that James was talking about????

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

I want to see all your disneyland pics! And I love y'all.

Danielle said...

As skin cancer educator, I'm so glad to hear that you are taking the necessary precautions NOW.

Melanoma kills more women in ages 25-39 than any other cancer. It's a dangerous, deadly but PREVENTABLE disease -- if we are proactive about proper daily (and year-round) use of a quality broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen; performing monthly self skin exams, and annual visits to the dermatologist.

(as you know).

I have a blog specifically dedicated to skin cancer and sun safety. The subject of melanoma prevention, detection, and treatment is one that I discuss often!!!!

Check through the archives for more information:

Danielle said...

PS: I hope you're doing well, and protecting those kids! 80% of our lifetime sun damage occurs before age 18!

Thanks for your post!

Take care,
The Cancer Crusaders Organization

jj said...

Alisa - We are rooting for you as well as 90% of Sandy! You are one neat gal with so much going for you. Thank goodness for your ward family, they sound so awesome! If you need anything (anything at all) we are just a hop, skip and a jump away!

Sonja said...

I would love to see more pictures, too!

balega said...
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balega said...

I don't know whether to believe Danielle or our geneticist. I do know that melanoma occurs places the sun never shines. Time to start moderating your comments Alisa.

jj said...

I agree with Josh and I think that lady is a whack. By the way, this is Jeri and Blake and we are the ones in Sandy cheering for you!

Karlet said...

Alisa, I'm gonna keep bugging you until you get back to me. When do you want me to come help? I love you and your fam.

ronco said...

I don't think danielle even read the post. Someone tell the cancer crusaders to read things before they comment.
This nodular melanoma is scary. I went in to get some moles checked this week, and I couldn't help but wonder if the doctor would have caught one like yours. I kept asking about things that she had already checked, and I think she may have been getting kind of annoyed by the end.

alisa said...

seriously, I couldn't delete it because its so ridiculous. I just sort of regret that James doesnt have a bright red cheeks in this photo. Im so evil!!!

Whatsatoomzaletson said...

Miss "broad spectrum SPF 30" needs to crusade elsewhere. Thanks for calling, Alisa!

Doc said...

As a lame blog comment educator, I'm glad to see that I am not the only one to sniff out "danielle's" post - SUPER LAME.

Lame blog comments infuriate and entertain real bloggers in ages 5(James and Steven, I'm looking in your direction)-54(or was it 55, dad? maybe we should ask President Hinckley?). It's a ridiculous and PREVENTABLE state of affairs - if we are proactive about making fun of such ridiculous people by responding with a broad-spectrum of 30 or so pithy posts and performing regular blogger name checks.

(as you know).

I should have a blog specifically dedicated to lame bloggers and blog etiquette. The subject of lame blog post prevention, detection and treatment is one that I would discuss often!!!!

Check through the archives for more information:

suzanne campbell said...

Alisa my father in law has melanoma on the bottom of his foot. I know the sun doesn't shine there. He is in the study that you mentioned, He only had the sentinel out and it had cancer in it. I think you are smart to have them all out. I did when I had breast cancer there wasn't any choice then. I am thinking of you and praying for you too. love Suzanne

alisa said...

Matt! Dont be so mean, Im sure she had every good intention. Im only letting you say those things because I know she could not have read the blog and so is not reading your comments.

Rob said...

I wonder how much danielle is selling sunscreen for?

Mary said...

I don't know how much she's selling it for, but I'm going to buy it no matter what the price! She seems to really know what she's talking about.

jennie said...

Apparently I am just as dense now as I was in nursing school, because I didn't understand any of that melanoma mumbo jumbo. But, my conclusion is the same as everyone else's. You have no need to feel guilty.

Secondly, thanks for reminding me of our dreamy days on the roof in Mexico... you tanning, me burning. It makes me want to sing that James Taylor song. ("Oh, Mexico", not the "Carolina" one...although I'm positive I sang that one to the point of nauseum while we were in Mexico. Aren't you glad I didn't marry a Carolinan and move there? Me too.

happy mommy said...

Alisa (and fam),

Just wanting you to know that the Greek Mafia of Colorado is on the case, praying for you and wishing you all peace and comfort right now.

Talitha, Brit's sister

Jamie said...

We would love to see more pics.. As we know you are the best at that... Please post some soon... We want to let you know we have not stopped thinking about you and would really love the opportunity to help in any way we can. When can we go to dinner? We love you guys and are praying for you. Thank you for being such great friends and wonderful role models.. Anything you need please just ask. It would make us happy to be there for you... OH YA.. Maybe we need to see Thriller... That was

Jamie and Cathy

alisa said...

Ill take the Greek Mafia! And all other prayers!

Fugal Family said...

I was so disappointed to read a comment posted by a 'Danielle - a skin cancer advocate'. I don't think her advocacy message was the least bit effective. Of course skin cancer happens in places where the sun exposure is minimal or non-existent - that is the natural of cancer - unregulated, uncontrolled growth. I thought her message was cold and impersonal.

I witnessed my mom suffer from cancer, not once but twice, and she often asked the question "Could I have prevented this?" She learned this important lesson the hard way and I am here to share it: the bottom line is there is no guilt in cancer. Also, when you have cancer, you are never alone.

Alisa, you are such a classy, impressive person - so many people love and adore you (including me!). There will never be a shortage of people wanting to help you, talk to you (because you are so funny!), or be with you because of who you are. You could never ask a favor that is too big - you could never put anyone out. You are wonderful, beautiful, and so much fun! You are in our thoughts, prayers, and lives! Keep on inspiring us all!